Banu-Hashem Y-DNA Project

Y-DNA Markers: FGC8712, L859, FGC10500, FGC30416, DYS485=14
Surnames: Qurayshi, Hashemi, Alawi, Hassani, Husseini


This is a Y-DNA project that intends to track down individuals, and their Y-DNA kits, who tested positive for FGC8712, L859, FGC8703, FGC10500, FGC30416, FGC54257, FGC10502, CTS8308, FGC8702, FGC9581, ZS2094, ZS5448, ZS2102, and/or L615 Y-DNA genetic markers

:This project concluded that
L859+ individuals are descendants of The Quraysh tribe*
FGC8703+ individuals are descendants of The Banu Hashem clan*
FGC10500+ individuals are descendants of Imam Ali AS*
FGC30416+ individuals are descendants of Imam Hussein AS*

:The project technical Y-DNA results are located at

Below is the most updated phylogenetic Y-DNA tree of the FGC8712 Project

Hashem tribe emerged in west Arabia (Hijaz) and migrated to the south (Yemen) or to the north east (Levant, Mesopotamia, & Persia). Sayeds & Sahrifs with well known lines of succession tested positive for L859 and FGC10500 markers. Here is the statistical and geographical distribution of current Qurashi, Hashemi, and Alawite kits

The pedigree of some of the Alawi male lines in the Hashem project can be traced here

A Y-STR model of Imam Ali bin abi-Taleb (A.S.) was generated based on the 150+ available Alawite kits


FGC8712 and its downstream SNPs are defined as a branch of the greater J1 phylogenetic tree, characterized by the M267 SNP-marker

صحيفة J-M267

Prophets Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismael (Ishmael), Ishac (Isaac), Haroon (Aaron), and Mohamad (PBUH&P) are considered major forefathers in the J1 phylogenetic tree. Today, many groups and families claim to be direct male-descendants of these respected forefathers but they find themselves positioned in distant genetic periods. Thus far, FGC8712 is the only SNP that maintain two parallel descending lines with: one line is 100% Ishamelite-Adnanite (~150 kits, mostly mid-eastern) and the other one is 100% Jacobite (~45 kits, mostly from eastern Europe). The age of FGC8712 subclade is believed to be between 3400-4200 yBP – years before present

However, a second/strong genetic group (with ~400 kits) claims the direct descent of biblical prophets Isaac and Aaron. All of the Aaronite kits in this second group are found below the genetic marker (Z18271), which is separated from the forefather genetic marker (ZS241) by many centuries. The early branches of the ZS241 originated in southern Arabia. One branch (ZS227+, Z18271-) is found in Iraq

To validate the true Isaac/Aaronite line, the origins of major surrounding Y-DNA branches (L862+) are investigated in this project (mainly the ones with southern Arabian origins). Therefore, individuals who tested positive for these respected Y genetic markers (including FGC8712 or ZS241) are encouraged to join the FTDNA Hashem projects

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